Our Fields of Activity

Manufacturing of Spare Parts & Constructions

We manufacture spare parts, metal structures and containers in a 150m² production building located in Kohila municipality in Raplamaa.

Welding Service on Construction Sites

We offer universal welding and metalworking solutions on construction sites.

Puurimis-, saagimis- ja treimisteenus

We also offer turning, drilling and metal sawing services.

Gas Cutting

It is important for us to offer our customers the best and highest quality gas cutting and dismantling service.

We use plasma cutting on site, for example, to dismantle construction zones, as well as to cut metal beams and plates.

Electrode Welding

Electrode welding is a widely used welding method. The welding arc occurs between the electrode and the workpiece.


We have various certificates for performing semi-automatic welding, which we use mainly for constructions and large-scale works.

Tig Keevitus

We offer stainless steel TIG welding and design of drinking water, wastewater, heating lines and biogas pipelines.

What Customers Think of Us

Very professional. I have ordered various welding works with different welding measures as a service and I have always been very satisfied with the excellent work. The work is always done on time. By ordering additional work, it was completed without any problems. Thank you for your patience and excellent service!

Lauri K.

I had a metal gate that was so rusted that no one could fix it. Everyone said that you have to buy a new one, which I could not afford financially. I contacted Emerson and they said they could help. You know what they did? They fixed the gate which now works perfectly!

Allan K.

This company welds very well. I have worked with many people and I have never been satisfied with anyone's work. Emerson has total professionals. The prices are fair and the customer service is fantastic.

Toomas S.
Owner of a company